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HDMI Video Tree Chain Cat5e Broadcaster
The PD3000 HD Video Tree Chain Cat5e Broadcaster is designed to simplify cabling of digital signage and commercial installation.

Ultra high quality HDMI video with 7.1ch audio broadcasts to multiple TVs/Displays/Projectors at a wide spread area by Single Cat5e connection.
Key features include ultra high quality HDMI 1080p @ 60Hz / DVI 1920x1200 video with 7.1ch audio, 100M by single Cat5e point to point and a Plug-n-Play, easy installation. Each receiver can further daisy chain to two receivers, and the PD3000 also supports a 10 layer ‘daisy-chain’ for up to 1000M or even longer. Up to 100 TVs, displays or projectors can be supported.

PD3000 can combine Aavara PB5000 HDMI-Over-IP to meet all kind of complex layouts for deploying digital signage installations at Airports, Shopping Malls, Department Stores, Trans/Bus/Metro stations, Hotel, Healthcare and Institutions.

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  Ultra High Quality HDMI 1080p @ 60Hz / DVI 1920x1200 video with 7.1ch Audio
  100M by Single Cat5e point to point and Receiver Tree Topology Daisy Chain
  Each Receiver can further daisy chain to 2 x Receivers
  Support 10 layers Daisy Chain for up to 1,200M or even longer
  RS-232 and IR Control Pass-thru to control Display or Video Source at remote site
  Support up to 100 TVs/Displays/Projectors broadcasting
  Plug n Play, Easy Installation
  HDMI Spec.:v1.3 Compatible
  DVI Spec.:v1.0 Compatible
  HDCP Spec.:v1.1/ 1.2 Compatible
  HDMI Video Resolution:480p, 576p, 720p, 1080i/p
  HDMI PC Resolution:Up to1920x1200 @ 60Hz
  Cable Distance:Point to Point 100M by Cat5e
  Max. Display connected:Suggest under 100 displays
  Max. Daisy Chain Layer:Suggest under 10 layers
  IR Pass-Thru:20~60KHz Full Range
  RS-232 Pass-Thru:Up to 115,2000bps
  Power Adapter:DC 5V
  Power Consumption:5W
  Dimension (LxWxH):Sender: 120x122x27mm Receiver: 135x122x27mm
  Optional Accessory:1. Wall Mounting Kit (MK-100) 2. Mounting Kit Secured & locked with TV/Display Mount (MK-200)
  Package Content:HDMI Video Tree-Chain Broadcaster Sender or Receiver, 5V DC Adapter, Usermanual, IR Emitter or Receiver Cable
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