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HDMI Video 8 Port Tree Chain Cat5e Broadcaster
The Aavara PD3000-128S HD Video Tree Chain Cat5e Broadcaster, featuring 8 Port HD AV Link output, is designed to simplify cabling of digital signage and commercial installation.

Ultra high quality HDMI video with 7.1ch audio broadcasts to multiple TVs/Displays/Projectors at a wide spread of star topology by Single Cat5e connection.

Key features include ultra high quality HDMI 1080p @ 60Hz / DVI 1920x1200 video with CD quality audio, 100M by single Cat5e with 1 to 8 port Splitter/Extender and a Plug-n-Play, easy installation. Integrating Aavara PD3000 Receiver, each receiver can further daisy chain to two receivers for a 10 layer ‘daisy-chain’ for up to 1000M or even longer. Up to 100 TVs, displays or projectors can be supported.

PD3000-128S can combine Aavara PB5000 HDMI-Over-IP to meet all kind of complex layouts for deploying digital signage installations at Airports, Shopping Malls, Department Stores, Trans/Bus/Metro stations, Hotel, Healthcare and Institutions.

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  HDMI Video Tree Chain Broadcaster supporting 8 port HD AV Link over Single Cat5
  Ultra High Quality HDMI 1080p @ 60Hz / DVI 1920x1200 video with 7.1 ch Audio
  HDMI Video Resolution 480p, 576p, 720p, 1080i/p supported
  Each Receiver can further daisy chain to 2 x Receivers
  Support 10 layers Daisy Chain for up to 1,200M or even longer
  RS-232 and IR Control Pass-thru to control Display or Video Source at remote site
  Support up to 100 TVs/Displays/Projectors broadcasting
  Ponit ot Point 100M by Single Cat5e
  Plug n Play, Easy Installation
  HDMI Spec.:v1.3 Compatible
  DVI Spec.:v1.0 Compatible
  HDCP Spec.:v1.1/ 1.2 Compatible
  HDMI Video Resolution:480p, 576p, 720p, 1080i/p
  PC DVI Input Resolution:Up to1920x1200 @ 60Hz
  Cable Distance:Point to Point 100M by Cat5e
  Max. Display connected:Suggest under 100 displays
  Max. Daisy Chain Layer:Suggest under 10 layers
  IR Pass-Thru:20~60KHz Full Range
  RS-232 Pass-Thru:Up to 115,2000bps
  Power Adapter:DC 5V
  Power Consumption:5W
  Dimension (LxWxH):190x183x28mm
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